Cosplay has been the heart of SGCafe’s forum culture, and SGCafe is re-branding our three characters to further reinstate Japanese culture. Our characters are now named from M99-chan, kneesocks-chan and Blurking as Kyuu-chan, Zet-chan and Kouma-kun respectively.

SGCafe provides a further challenge to all cosplayers who have been yearning to do an original cosplay based off official designs – cosplayers are encouraged to come up with any concept costume to suit our three mascots, or they can simply cosplay the characters based off our concept art.

Philippine cosplayers will be the first in Southeast Asia to experience the thrill of creating and cosplaying their original concept costumes, a taboo action that supposedly defeats the purpose of cosplaying as your favourite character.

With this fun and exciting concept to revitalize and ignite the passion of cosplaying, SGCafe will pick the best designs and cosplays at CosplayMania at the Manila Finals! The cosplayer who can make the best original interpretation of the characters will become SGCafe’s official ambassador! Of course, there will be awesome prizes waiting for you.

This segment will be featured on Day 2 at the exhibitor booth stage area! Be sure to check it out!

To participate, please register the form here and at SGCafe’s booth upon arrival.
Please register with us early to avoid disappointment!

The minimum criteria to represent each character will be as follows:

Character/personality: Quiet, soft spoken, cautious
Physical features: round face frame, purple hair with 1 braid
Accessories: Spectacles, headphones (any colour and design)

Character/personality: Spunky, outgoing
Physical features: small face frame, long grey hair with twin tails
Accessories: Ribbon (any colour and design)

Character/personality: Confident, easy-going, joker of the trio
Physical features: sharp facial features, brown spiky hair
Accessories: None

Another good representation would be to totally switch the character’s personality over; example will be Kyuu-chan can be noisy and a risk taker.


1. Cosplay as Kyuu-chan, Zet-chan or Kouma-kun
2. Follow the section “Character personalities” for the minimum criteria
3. No restriction to types of costumes as long as minimum criteria is met


1 Autograph board of all the guests (Jesuke, KANAME☆, Reika)
1 Autographed photo of Shoko Nakagawa
1 T-shirt

Have fun and see you at Cosplaymania!


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