Microsoft Singapore today announced price and pre-order details for Halo 4, its flagship Xbox 360 first-person shooter that will be released here on November 6.

Three SKUs for the game will be sold here: a standard edition (SRP $69.00), limited edition (S$99.00), and a limited edition console plus game bundle (S$599.00) that will come with two controllers and a headset, all covered in skin designs themed after the sci-fi shooter.

StarHub customers in Singapore will be able to pre-order the game – any of the three SKUs – from the telco beginning September 18.

Between September 18 to 25, StarHub will be the only place where gamers here can pre-order the game. Microsoft has granted the telco, who is a launch partner for Halo 4, an exclusive one-week headstart.

Thereafter, game retailers in Singapore will begin taking pre-orders for Halo 4 on September 26.

All “early bird” pre-orders will come with three pre-order premiums, instead of the standard two premiums.

At this point it’s unclear if early bird pre-orders refer only to those made with StarHub, or if those made with retailers will count too. We are currently awaiting confirmation on this from Microsoft.

Launch festivities

When Halo 4 launches in Singapore on November 6 at Funan DigitaLife Mall, the day’s festivities will include a “Halo 4 Ultimate Deathmatch” tournament – presented by StarHub – where fans will compete in the confines of a caged arena to see who can outlast everyone else, in order to emerge as Singapore’s first ever Halo 4 champion.

Rules and other specifics pertaining to the StarHub Halo 4 Ultimate Deathmatch challenge will be announced at a later date.


PepsiCo, Sony Music

Apart from StarHub, Microsoft has also tied up with PepsiCo’s Mountain Dew and Sony Music for Halo 4’s launch in Singapore.

PepsiCo will be launching limited edition Halo 4 branded Mountain Dew bottles nationwide here beginning October 15.

There will also be a Mountain Dew consumer campaign on Facebook with activities that fans can participate in to win exclusive Halo 4 prizes, worth over S$100,000 in total.

Game music lovers can also look forward to purchasing the official Halo 4 soundtrack here, to be published in the region by Sony Music.

Fans who pre-order the soundtrack between October 22 to November 6 will enjoy a special discount.

Look out for more Halo 4 announcements to come from September 18 onwards, once the pre-order campaign has kicked off.

Halo 4 is slated for a November 6, 2012 release exclusively for the xbox 360.


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