Like so many other Japanese videogame franchises, Square Enix’s SaGa RPG series is hopping onto the mobile social gaming bandwagon.

Yesterday the Tokyo-based publisher of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest announced that Emperors Saga – a card-battle RPG set in the SaGa universe first announced at TGS in 2011 – has begun service on the GREE social gaming platform in Japan.

In Emperors Saga, every player takes on the role of an emperor (or empress) of his or her respective country, and is tasked with resolving numerous “unprecedented dangers” and subsequently save the world.  These dangers will involve scenarios and enemies mixed in from past SaGa games.

Fortunately for all aspiring SaGa rulers, heroes from past games will  also stand by you and fight by your side – just as long as you have their calling cards.

Emperors SaGa is currently playable on smartphones and feature phones in Japan by entering the following links in your phone’s web browser.


Feature phones:

Alternatively, go to 4Gamer’s story for QR codes that you can scan. Do note, however, that the game is only in service in Japan.

Source: 4Gamer


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