Hey everyone! This is Sarah here and I went to the Singapore Toys, Games and Comics Convention  held at the Marina Bay Sands convention halls, level 1 on 1st and 2nd September 2012. The first day’s queue was quite long especially for the internet pickup while the cash only booth was moving steadily fast.

For those who had bought the actual tickets from the various stores that had it, you could have picked up your free STGCC bag from the ticket counter or from their bag counter inside where a lucky draw was held for those who wanted to purchase it. Only those who bought their tickets before the event would get the free bag.

Since I arrived early, the first performance on the main stage was by Fight Saber, they would perform for the afternoon session on both days too. The stage was held in Hall B, separate from where the art booths, stores and other activities in Hall A.

It was quite spacious and if you ever needed a break, you could just stand or sit behind the allotted seated area for the audience.

The first panel of the day was with Jacky Dosai, Toya Hibiki and Kousaka Yun. The emcee (first on the right) asked how did they find Singapore. Jacky commented that he enjoyed the Marina Bay Sands very much and would be going to the casino to play some more.

The session talked about the differences between cosplaying 18 or so years ago and now. At first there was a 50/50 ratio of males and females cosplaying. In the present, there are more females cosplaying or even crossplaying. It is perceived that there are more females because they would like to experiment with makeup, dressing up and shopping items for their characters more.

After the panel ended, I checked out the various booths in Hall A. The walk way was spacious enough to not be too difficult to walk by and see the merchandise.

Click any of the thumbnails to see a bigger picture. These were from Play Imaginative’s booth. Super Alloy Batman was sold there as their special edition product.

The layout of this year’s convention was pretty good. You could pass through the artist alley where original artists and doujin artists sold their merch before you either entered the hall where the stage area is or to the other major big stores. Many of them were from out of Singapore too, like Indonesia and Malaysia.  A lot of different fandom prints, artwork, pins, toys and much more could be bought.

This is an artist rendition of Itou Noizi. I am not an artist. Out of respect to her, the creator of Suzumiya Haruhi, Shana and much more, the emcee told everyone that videography and photography was not allowed during her panel. The stage helpers would tell people not to take any pictures or videos if anyone was seen holding up a camera at her.

As the emcee asked her questions, she sketched some characters for the audience to see while the camera zoomed in on her illustration. She only uses mechanical pencils and normal markers! Her pencil case was big and cute too, filled with all other stationery.

As Itou drew, she answered questions like “What food did she like here in Singapore?” – She didn’t know what the name was but she liked to eat the big crab. (Guests were all shown around for a food tour and most of them got to eat the chilli crab.) Prior to coming to Singapore, she wondered if anyone outside of Japan would know her work. She was happy and nervous as she talked on that there were fans out of Japan!

Zaneeds had their own store for posters and their own records. Yes, that’s Hatsune Miku in Merlion cosplay! Heheh, so cute. A lot of different toys were sold in the numerous toy stores too. Movie posters or Middle Earth’s maps could be purchased at Popcorn and candy or Japanese related toys and stationery could be bough at Bon Japan! They had the limited edition KitKats that had green tea or other flavours not found in our local markets that do not import Japanese food stuff.

Just for STGCC, Tristan Eaton illustrated this during the media launch of the event and completed it by the next day when it was open for the public.

This must be one of the most tiring games to play at Bandai Namco. It’s a Dragonball kinect game. You have to punch and do supersaiyan moves to defeat Vegeta and other characters. Perhaps to get to the boss of the game, you need to be OVER 9000!

This is more relaxing. Generally relaxing anyway sit you get to sit down as you DEFEAT YOUR OPPONENT IN TEKKEN. There was also an EA booth that had sports games to play on the opposite side of the hall. You could sign up in the various tournaments for the games too.

Yes. Another artist rendition of Piko. No unauthorized pictures or recordings of Piko (although, if you do search online, there are people who have posted them up) during his mini concert. Yes, a MINI CONCERT. His panel wasn’t a talking session, he gave us all a mini concert in that hour he had with us!

The second thumbnail is the line for his autograph at the Walk of Fame! If you click to see the larger version, you’ll notice that there are a lot of people in line to get his signature or meet him. You can’t even see him since he’s being blocked by everyone in the queue!

If you weren’t interested in getting autographs, you could still walk around the stalls where people tend to slash prices down on the second day. Yes. That is a giant Cirno. No, it is not a mascot. It’s actually a giant doll that you could win in an auction. I have no idea if anyone won it and if they did, how would they bring Cirno home?

Baka, baka, baka…

Maybe they’d have to take the Avengers blimp on top of Hot Toy’s booth to get home with a giant Cirno.

Or maybe not. Hot Toys brought in exclusives like Captain America, Jim Gordon and Angelica. They looked so realistic! There were other toys displayed at Hot Toys but you couldn’t purchase them all. They were just for us to appreciate the workmanship on them.

Of course, there was cosplay at the event. It would be weird if there weren’t any. On day one, there were more children cosplayers, which was really cute since some of their outfits were handmade by their parents! The Gundam in the picture with Jake the dog and Finn the human is not a prop. That’s a cosplayer (Clive) in there and yes, he does move!

It’s very good that the organizers opened up Hall C. It was empty and you can’t enter the stage or the actual events from there. However! It was used as a place for photographers and cosplayers to have photoshoots and a lot of mini photo studios popped up there. This was the same hall where people were held in to queue in the morning when the actual halls were closed. It’s a cool air conditioned place and good for waiting or walking around for people without making a crowd outside the halls’ corridors.

Not a cosplayer? Maybe you’re an artist or you just want to doodle something at the Graffiti Wall! It’s a tradition here for comic or anime conventions in Singapore to have one.

You can tell Gangnam Style is this season’s popular trend. The one in the middle is actually done by Sonny Liew!

The first evening’s closing performance was Monomind and Zaneed’s DJ party! The first segment was by Zaneeds, then Monomind, closing with a DJ Battle between the two groups.

And the second evening’s final stage event was a cosplay runway featuring both western and eastern cosplay. From anime, movies and even games!

The two days of STGCC were fun. You got to meet artists, talk to them. Find people in the same fandom as you, play the games or buy merchandise. It was quite a good event. Hopefully next year’s STGCC will have even more guests. This was the first time it was held at the Marina Bay Sands. Besides the small hiccups with ticketing (they need to figure out somehow since the paper tickets are very easy to lose especially if you buy a two day ticket), the staff and the volunteers have been very polite and good.

See you all next year for STGCC 2013!


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