Yes, Virtua Fighter’s Sarah Bryant and Pai Chan will get bikini costumes, too, like the rest of the female cast in Dead or Alive 5 (including newcomer Mila).

But these bikinis will only be available to you if you pre-order the game.

So if you plan on picking up the game but have yet to put down a pre-order, you might want to get in touch with your favourite games retailer as soon as possible – only six more days to Dead or Alive 5’s September 25 release date in Singapore and the US.

Of course, don’t buy a fighting game just because it has girls in bikinis.

Here, let Dead or Alive 5 producer Yosuke Hayashi and Team Razer pro gamer Fuudo (Street Fighter, Virtua Fighter) show you the finer points of Dead or Alive 5 in a real match:

The above video was part of an exhibition tournament held between Dengeki Online and the developers of the game, Team Ninja. This is actually the second time Dengeki Online has done an exhibition tournament with Team Ninja, and so they’ve taken to calling this a “revenge match”.

Some more matches between Dengeki Online and Team Ninka (with the DOA5 girls in bikinis, to boot):

Source: Dengeki Online, Tecmo Koei


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