“Lets Journey Together!” ~ Aladdin

Magi – Labyrinth of Magic anime series releases in two days. The series, an Arabian Nights-themed Japanese manga, written and illustrated by Shinobu Ohtaka will be leaving its manga pages and gracing television screens on the 7th of October 2012. What better way to enjoy the wait then to look at a few amazing cosplays from the series!

Magi is about a boy named Aladdin who is traveling through desert lands. Along his journey, he meets, Alibaba and Morgianna, and becomes true friends with them. The three encounter other djinns and find hints that they may be destined to decide who will rule the world.

This week we are proud to feature a lovely group of cosplayers from our neighbouring country, Malaysia! One of the biggest groups that we have ever featured and they consist of cosplayers; Lavena, Carmen, Cili-Padi, Celinekong, Shin8ix, Rpulasupulasu, Xsaye, Shadowdorumon, HaranoSakana, Byo-u, Andros and Dion Lee along with their photographers, Kclee2002, Heroinekpk, kazuofubuki and josephlowphotography.

Being big fans of the series they have managed to pull off their characters well along with costumes that do justice to the beautiful art of the series. With each picture telling different parts of the story, one can easily relate to them and feel the emotions of each and every character.



Check out the following links to find out more about the Cosplayers and Photographers

Cosplayer : Lavena
Character : Aladdin
Deviantart : http://jaclavena.deviantart.com/
Cosplayer : Carmen
Character : Alibaba Saluja
Cosplayer : Cili-Padi
Character : Morgiana
Deviantart : http://cili-padi.deviantart.com/
Cosplayer : Celinekong
Character : Ren Hakuei
Deviantart :  http://celinekong.deviantart.com/
Cosplayer : Shin8ix
Character : Ren Kougyoku
Deviantart : http://shin8ix.deviantart.com/
Cosplayer : Rpulasupulasu
Character : Ren Hakuryuu
Deviantart : http://rpulasupulasu.deviantart.com/
Cosplayer : Xsaye
Character : Judal
Deviantart :  http://xsaye.deviantart.com/
Cosplayer : Shadowdorumon
Character : Sinbad
Deviantart : http://shadowdorumon.deviantart.com/
Cosplayer : haranosakana
Character : Masrur
Deviantart : http://haranosakana.deviantart.com/
Cosplayer : Byo-u
Character : Yamuraiha
Deviantart : http://byo-u.deviantart.com/
Cosplayer : Andros
Character : Sharrkan
Cosplayer : Dion Lee
Character : Suoarutos
Photographer : kclee2002
Deviantart : http://kclee2002.deviantart.com/
Photographer : josephlowphotography
Deviantart : http://josephlowphotography.deviantart.com/
Photographer : kazukofubuki
Deviantart : http://kazuofubuki.deviantart.com/
Photographer : heroinekpk
Deviantart : http://heroinekpk.deviantart.com/

Magi – Labyrinth of Magic Releases in two days! Look forward to it!



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