A spin-off of otaku comedy anime series Zettai Karen Children is headed to TV Tokyo’s programming belt sometime in 2013, Shounen Sunday magazine reported.

Called Courtesy of Zettai Karen Children – The Unlimited – Hyoubu Kyousuke, this spin-off anime revolves around Kyousuke Hyoubu who’s an ultrapowerful ESPer and one of the main heroines’ toughest adversaries in the original anime series.

This was likely the Zettai Karen Children anime project that the creators were talking about back in July.

Unlimited is said to be a “hard-boiled action” anime series starring the military-major-turned villain ESPer Kyousuke Hyoubu, and will feature an original storyline different from that in the ongoing Zettai Karen Children manga series, which will see its 32nd tankoubon (paperback comic book) volume released in Japan on December 18.

Here’s a picture of the anime’s exclusive unveiling in the latest issue of Shounen Sunday (bigger version here):

Source: Manga News


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