Kadokawa Games today announced that it will publish Demon Gaze, a new dungeon RPG for the PlayStation Vita from Students of Round developer Experience, slated for release sometime in January 2013.

Here’s a first trailer:

Set in the cursed land of Mislid, Demon Gaze tells the story of Oz, an amnesiac young man who possesses a spirit eye that allows him to capture “Demons” – mysterious half-machine life forms that humans do battle with – the way Ash Ketchum does with Pokemon.

Oz now earns his keep as a Demon bounty hunter, and stays at the Tatsuki-tei or Dragon Princess Pavilion, run by its young owner Fran Pendor.

As you make repeat trips to the labyrinth in Mislid to hunt and return with treasures from, the Dragon Princess Pavilion will serve as your base of operations in the game. It’s where you store your loot, recruit party members, and strengthen the members’ weapons and abilities.

Although Fran won’t be joining you as a party member, the game’s first screenshots appear to be hinting at certain event cutscenes where you might be able to interact with her from within the Dragon Princess Pavilion (NFSW).

Outside of Fran and Oz, you’ll be able to customise the race and occupation for all your party members. You’ll need to strategise ahead if you plan on surviving the labyrinth – Demon Gaze is said to be an orthodox “next-gen” dungeon RPG, after all.

Although you won’t be able to select a race or occupation for Oz, you will however be able to pick a voice for him, to better fit your image of the kind of protagonist you want to play.

Judging from these screenshots, it’s clear that character designs – even though your party members are custom-generated – are a very vital part of Demon Gaze’s appeal.

And that sense of character design extends to even the boss Demons you fight with, two of which have been revealed so far: Mars and Comet.

Mars is a war fanatic who loves nothing more than to test her strength and beat up bounty hunters all day and night.

Comet, on the other hand, is a witch-type who rides on a mechanical broomstick and conjures magical spells out of a book that she carries with her.

When you defeat these Demons and bring their souls back to the Dragon Princess Pavilion, you will be able to summon them into battle as allies for future trips to the labyrinth. Each summoned Demon possesses its own loyalty gauge, which grows the more you use them in combat.

There is a catch to using Demons as your allies, however: from time to time they will go into berserk mode and attack both foes and allies indiscriminately. Fortunately, players will be able to decrease the likelihood of Demons going berserk by raising their loyalty gauge.

But if you ask me, it’s a lot more fun to see your summoned Demons kick into berserk mode. For instance, this is how Mars and Comet look like when they’ve gone berserk:

Source: 4Gamer


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