Sega claims that this is a “collaboration” between Hatsune Miku Project Diva f and Sony first-party app Minna to Issho: Friend Network, but – as you’ll see in this video – this looks more like a hijack than any sort of consensual collab to me.

Update: Okay, so it’s a collaboration because Minna to Issho-inspired items will also appear in Hatsune Miku Project Diva f. This was announced at the Tokyo Game Show 2012, and Sega has uploaded a little clip from the announcement presentation last month.

If anything, just watch the clip below for the awesome Po Pi Po dance from Sega’s official Hatsune Miku cosplayer.

Minna to Issho: Friend Network

What’s Minna to Issho: Friend Network, you ask? Why, it’s a little-known free-to-play PS Vita social game app that’s only available for download via the Japan-region PlayStation Store. So unless your Vita’s hooked up to a Japanese PSN/SEN account, chances are you’ve never heard of it.

The point of Minna to Issho: Friend Network is to basically allow fresh new PSN users (this app was launched alongside the PlayStation Vita in Japan back in December last year) to make friends online who may share their interests (every player in Friend Network creates a publicly viewable name card with some details about their interests), for the purpose of doing multiplayer games, comparing trophies, and taking advantage of the other features on PSN.

I haven’t checked out Minna to Issho: Friend Network for a while, but it looks like the current version supports RPG-esque dungeon exploring as a mini-game.

Or at least, that’s the main draw in part five of a “Hatsune Miku Project Diva f X Minna to Issho: Friend Network” collaboration that started on September 28 and will last all the way till November 2.

Parts one to four of the collaboration were tinier updates that mostly involved Hatsune Miku-themed name cards, items, and avatar accessories. Part four (KAITO and MEIKO name cards and costume items) goes live today. Here are some images of the collaborative content that’s available right now:

Part five’s content will go live next Friday, October 26. The big deal this time around is a Hatsune Miku Special Dungeon that you can buy (yes, unfortunately it’s paid DLC) where you’ll lead a team of your Friend Network friends on an excavation adventure alongside Toro (the white cat) and Hachune Miku. Kuro, Hatsune Miku and her Vocaloid friends serve as bosses in the dungeon.

There’s apparently a story to this nonsense dungeon too (Hatsune Miku the bad guy? C’mon Sony and Sega, are you kidding me?). It all started one day when Kuro went about his usual business of praising Hatsune Miku for being the lovely angel that she is.

Toro, sick of hearing Kuro raving about the virtual singer, yells at him: “If Miku is so great, then why don’t you just get outta here and go live under Miku-san’s roof… I mean, meow!” (「そんなにミクさんがイイなら、ミクさん家の子になっちゃいなさいニャ!」 in Japanese). And so that’s what Kuro did.

Seeking to stop Kuro’s rampage, Toro enlists the help of you and your Minna to Issho friends, as well as Hachune Miku who serves as your guide to the dungeon.

I don’t think the story’s supposed to make sense, but if you’re interested in finding out, the Hatsune Miku Special Dungeon (1,200 coins) will be accessible in the game from next Friday.


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