Kyary Pamyu Pamyu‘s debut album, Moshimoshi Harajuku, has been selected as the winner of the prestigious Music Jacket Taisho 2012 award for its impactful spin on the renowned model and singer’s close-up portrait, the award’s committee announced today.

The CD Jacket design, in which a giant, cartoon mouth was painted on Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s face, was said to be so eye-catching and impactful that the entire CD jacket design could be seen as the 19-year-old singer’s calling card.

“To be named the receipient of such a prestigious award for my debut work, I’m extremely elated!” Kyary Pamyu Pamyu said.

“It was a jacket design that we fussed over a lot because we didn’t want it to just be cute. We also wanted it to be quirky, funny, and have a fantastical touch to it,” she added when asked about her thoughts on the design.

“We’d like to continue putting out such quirky and funny-looking designs for our future releases.”

Steve Nakamura, the CD jacket’s art director, also explained the concept behind the award-winning design: “Since it was a debut work, we hedged our bets on make-up and [Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s] facial expressions to create a look akin to that of a unique character.”

“In today’s world, I believe that rather than going with something conservative and typical, a quirky CD Jacket would brighten up the day of those who see it. I’m glad that we managed to pull it off,” he continued.

Music Jacket Taisho (ミュージック・ジャケット大賞)

Japan’s “Music Jacket Taisho” (ミュージック・ジャケット大賞) award was founded in 2011 to highlight to music lovers in Japan the appeal of a good CD jacket design, and to encourage music makers to continue the culture of inventing inspirational designs for their releases by recognising the artistes and designers who make an effort to do so. The award is now in its second year.

All domestic music CDs (including works from foreign artistes) released between 1 April 2011 to 31 March 2012 by record companies affiliated with the Recording Industry Association of Japan (RIAJ) were eligible and considered for 2012’s award. A committee looked through the releases and came up with a shortlist of 50 nominees, which the general public then voted on via a specially-created site.

Incidentally, the winner of the first Music Jacket Taisho was Keisuke Kuwata’s Musicman.

Source: MyNavi News


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