Winter 2012/2013 will be a great period for all gunpla kit builders and appreciators, as Bandai updates their upcoming line-up at the 52nd All Japan Model Hobby Show 2012. We focus on the top 3 upcoming kit releases for its Winter 2012/2013 release. 

HG Gundam Delta Kai (December 2012 release) | 2600 yen ; 2790 yen after tax

This MSV kit based off the mass produced Delta Plus is sure an eye-catcher for any Gundam kit builder. The kit will complete  the set of the existing release of Delta and Delta Plus HG kits on sale.

HG Rozen Zulu (December 2012 release) 2940 yen after tax

The new Mobile Suit as seen in Gundam  Unicorn Episode 4 as piloted by Angelo Sauper. The kit bears great details and proportions as shown in the anime, but we can’t help at wondering about its hefty price tag. At 2940 yen, it is about the cost of a small MG kit. We hope that the size and details are comparable to the HG Kshatriya.

MG Tallgeese EW ver. (January 2012 release) 3990 yen after tax

The Endless Waltz Master Grade series ends with a Tallgeese release, slated for a January 2013 launch. The decent price tag of almost 4000 yen is affordable, and we hope that it is customizable to the Tallgeese 1 and 2 variants, considering that the photo featured the base model with a Tallgeese 1 beam rifle.

More releases from the Unicorn series, as well as RG Zeta Gundam and Gundam AGE series, are featured in the gallery below:

Source: Moeyo | hobbysearch


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