J-rock band Luna Sea‘s first new single after the recent transfer to Universal Music will come out on December 12, it was announced today. The End of the Dream / Rouge is a double-A-side single release that will come as a 2CD set, each containing one song.

Usually, a CD single release comes with an A-side song (a main, titular track that’s played on radio stations) along with a B-side song (a bonus track that doesn’t go under the limelight). Album releases feature mostly A-side songs.

A double-A-side release means that the artiste in question – Luna Sea, in this case – felt that both tracks included in the release are good enough to stand on its own, and would under normal conditions, be released as separate singles. Thus both The End of the Dream and Rouge will come in separate CDs for this release.

In addition, four different editions of the double-A-side single will be available in Japan: first-print editions A, B, C, and a regular edition.

First-print edition A contains the CDs as well as a Blu-ray disc that has both the music videos for The End of the Dream and Rouge. First-print editions B and C will come with a DVD containing either the MV for The End of the Dream (B) or Rouge (C) on top of the CDs, and the regular edition is CD-only.

Source: Excite News


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