The official website for Megpoid the Music# has finally opened today. Still no details on the PSP rhythm-action title’s gameplay, but at least we’ve got a partial list of participating creators (Vocaloid song producers, illustrators, and dancers), and confirmation on multiplayer.

Over on the game introduction page, it’s said that Megpoid the Music# can be enjoyed in two different play styles: single-player (1人), and wireless co-operative play (通信協力プレイ).

There will also be some sort of “communication” functionality where you’ll be able to interact with Vocaloid Gumi, most likely in the “Gumi Room” mode that was previously confirmed in Famitsu’s reveal last week.

Here’s the list of creators unveiled on the website:

Vocaloid producers
あルカP、青田新名 a.k.a ゆずひこ、家の裏でマンボウが死んでるP、梅とら、タカノン、ダルビッシュP × Silent Symphonia、とくP、虹原ぺぺろん、のぼる↑、八王子P、れるりり、びにお、ゆうゆ、buzzG、cosMo@暴走P、DECO*27、Dios/シグナルPotetsu、kemu、maya、Maiden Knight、OSTER project、PIROPARU、samfree、YM、10日P、164、40mP



Oh, there’s a fresh batch of screenshots too… well, partial-screenshots, that is. The image dimensions do not match that of the PSP.

Megpoid the Music# for the PSP is slated to be released in Japan Spring 2013. The game will be sold in both regular (6,090 yen including tax) and limited editions (9,429 yen).

Source: Megpoid the Music# Official Site


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