Only in Japan (for now): Nintendo today announced a new limited-edition 3DS LL model that’s designed after a Charizard motif (or “Lizardon”, as they call him over there).

The Charizard/Lizardon limited-edition 3DS LL is enveloped in a coat of black paint, like with the regular edition “black” model that Nintendo recently announced, as well as streaks of gold that trace out the outline of the majestic Pokemon creature in style.

As with a regular 3DS LL unit in Japan, the Charizard/Lizardon limited-edition will be sold for 18,900 yen including tax (but excluding a power adaptor; you can use your existing 3DS or DSi chargers, or just get it separately).

All Pokemon Center retail stores in Japan will begin to take pre-orders for the Lizardon/Charizard limited-edition 3DS LL from November 3 to 26. Unlike the previous pre-order campaign that Nintendo did for the Pikachu Yellow edition Nintendo 3DS LL, however, the Charizard edition will not be sold on a first-come, first-served basis.

Nintendo sure has learned their lesson – although the pre-order campaign for the Pikachu unit was three-weeks-long, all of the available allotment sold out within hours on the first day.

Instead, all Pokemon fans who apply to the pre-order campaign will have a real shot at landing one of these units, through a raffle lottery system.

To apply, you’ll have to fill up a form that Nintendo says will be uploaded to the official website on November 2, and mail in your entry to them. Alternatively, you can also head down to any branch of the Pokemon Center retail chain in Japan and fill in the form there.

Winners of the pre-order raffle will be notified on December 7, and the actual units themselves will be delivered to those lucky, lucky folks sometime between 15 Decmber 2012 and 14 January 2013.

Although currently the Charizard limited-edition in Japan only. But given that the Pikachu Yellow edition 3DS XL is making its way to Europe this year, chances are we can expect to see the Charizard edition “HM02 Fly” outside of Japan at some point in the future.

Source: Pocket Monsters Official Site


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