When Japanese electropop trio Perfume comes down to Singapore on November 24 to hold a one-day-only performance at SCAPE as the last stop in their Asia tour, fans here won’t be the only ones swinging their glow-sticks and tapping to the beat.

Some 3302 miles away, Perfume fans in Japan will also be joining in on the fun too; the tour’s management announced this week that the concert would be broadcast “live” to 62 theatres all over Japan.

The “live viewing” sessions will commence at 8PM Japan time at the theatres listed (full list in Japanese over here) and entry tickets will sell for 3,000 yen a piece, available to the public beginning October 27, 12PM Japan time.

Perfume’s Asia tour, also known as “Perfume WORLD TOUR 1st” is the first time the electropop group has ventured out of their home country to perform overseas, and a part of the group’s strategy to go global after they were transferred from record label Tokuma Japan Communications to Universal Music.

Although the news of the live viewing sessions does not affect Perfume fans outside of Japan, the fact that they’re able to arrange something like this is significant as it opens a door of possibilities: could future Perfume concerts in Japan also be broadcast to theatres in countries like Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan and Korea (the countries covered in the Asia tour)?

We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Source: Natalie


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