Asiasoft sent us word that there’s been a quiet launch for their newest Free2Play game, Mahjong Hime. They failed to mention exactly who was voicing the anime-styled, moemoe blobs who’ll be your opponents.

Imagine our shock when we spotted that Queen of Tsundere, Rie Kugimiya was voicing! Alongside her are only slightly less well-known stars Shiho Kawaragi (Maki from Black Lagoon, Mana Kuzunoha in Tenjou Tenge) and Chiaki Takahashi (The most impressive lineup of cameo’s we’ve ever seen, such as Haineko from Bleach)

What’s more, while the game was originally from Japan, Asiasoft managed to coddle/coerce/bribe/blackmail the devs into creating an additional new mode – Singapore style! Fans of Taiwan-style or even Japan-rule mahjongs fret not, those are also available. Playing well nets you medals to unlock further characters, voiceovers and pictures of your favorite anime ladies.

These character cards can be used while playing, adding a new dimension to your favorite mahjong style. Think an enemy is going to win with a self-pick “Tsumo”? Block it completely with your special skills!

You can check out the beta here, and be assured we’ll be covering a review soon enough.

Oh, and that’s my winning piece.



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