Actors Moriyama Mirai (Kakuda, 20th Century Boys) and Gen Hoshino (Taiko, Akihabara @ DEEP) have been confirmed to provide the voices for the main characters in the animated film adaptation of Saint Young Men.

Written and drawn by Hikaru Nakamura of Arakawa Under The Bridge, Saint Young Men is a satirical manga in which Jesus and Buddha hang out together as pals on vacation in modern Japan. They share an apartment, like regular citizens, and experience the humdrum of daily Japanese life as mortals, battling crowds on the morning and evening trains and making trips to convenience stores.

Also part of the confirmed cast is Reiko Suzuki (Hachiro’s mother in Gintama) as Sachiko Matsuda, and Ryoko Kinomiya (Countess du Barry, Rose of Versailles) as the narrator. On the team of staff are director Noriko Takao (THE [email protected]), screenplay writer Rika Nezu (Kimi ni Todoke) and animator Naoyuki Asano (Tekkonkinkreet). The film is set to open in Japanese theatres in Spring 2013.

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