That’s literally what the concept behind Shining Ark is, according to the press release. Experience life on the secluded island of Arcadia, surrounded by nature. An RPG that whose story revolves around islandfolks, whose hearts are connected as one. A story that begins with the meeting with a young girl (Panis) who’s praised as an angel.

But there’s more to Panis and the game’s plot than meets the eye, for when the moon in the sky shines a bright red at night, a gigantic enigma will reveal itself. And the young girl with the single black wing on her back will be entranced by it. Like firefly to a flame.

What is this mysterious enigma? I don’t know, but I’m guessing it has something to do with the “Ark” in “Shining Ark”.

Between that tease of a plot, and Tony Taka’s (T2 Art Works) excellent character design work, consider us intrigued for now.

Shining Ark will be released in Japan Winter 2012/2013. UMD and downloadable versions of the game are priced at 6,279 and 5,600 yen respectively.


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