The new PlayStation 3 500GB super slim model (Charcoal Black*), standalone, will retail in Singapore on October 23. But if you’re looking to pick up a copy of Assassin’s Creed III with your spanking new console,

Sony and Ubisoft have teamed up to offer a handy all-in-one bundle.

Retailing at a recommendeded retail price of S$439, the Assassin’s Creed® III (Eng ver.) PlayStation®3 Bundle Pack is only $30 more than the PS3 500GB super slim model standalone, but comes with a bunch of special AC3 premiums on top of the console and a copy of the game: you’re also getting a limited-edition Assassin’s Creed III jacket, a PS3-exclusive DLC pack, and an “Uplay” leaflet that details what actions you need to perform in the game to earn points and rewards under the Ubisoft cross-platform trophies/achievements programme.

The bundle will go on sale November 2, and pre-orders can be made at selected stores from now to October 30. A regular copy of Assassin’s Creed III (PS3) will also retail for S$78.90 on the same date.

*Only the Charcoal Black version of the new PS3 500GB super slim model will be available on October 23. A Classic White model is expected to hit stores in Singapore November 22. Apart from 500GB models (S$399), there will also be a version of the new PS3s super slim with 250GB of storage (S$369), available in both colours at their respective launch dates.


Assassin’s Creed® III Liberation PlayStation®Vita Special Bundle Pack

November 2 also marks the release of Assassin’s Creed III Liberation for the PS Vita, and a bundle for that will be available as well, to be sold for the suggested retail price of S$399. In the bundle you’ll get a PS Vita Wi-Fi model (Crystal Black), a copy of Liberation, a “Mysteries of the Bayou” DLC pack, and an AC3 Liberation protection film.

Like the PS3 bundle, pre-orders for the PS Vita pack start today. Until October 30.

Assassin’s Creed fans who own both AC3 (PS3) and AC3 Liberation (Vita) will also be able to access the following exclusive cross-play content:

  • Exclusive New York mission to play as Connor;
  • Connor’s Tomhawk
  • French Agile Multiplayer Character
  • Ammunition Pouches Upgrade


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