2K Games is holding an XCOM: Enemy Unknown LAN party this weekend, and guess what, fellow earth humans? You’re all invited. So come on down and do whatever it is fellow earth humans do at a land party which I know involves lots of ground, sand, and maybe some gravel.

The land or LAN party will be held tomorrow. October 27 (Saturday) from 3 to 7PM at the Alienware Arena Cybercafe (formerly known as JCube Cybercafe), located within Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station.

I have highlighted the all the key information in darker black tone by pressing on the weird giant “B” button so your human eyes and its sub-eye-part-thing-called-the-iris can better take in the information (don’t you humans… I mean… don’t we wish that our eyes were just entirely black so your eyesight is not so restricted?).

At the land party there will be two activities. One is called the “Free Play”, and it is designed for humans to try out the game by completing a simple tutorial and two in-game missions. Successfully complete the missions and you’ll win a free XCOM-themed T-shirt.

The other is a mini-competition where you will take on a fellow human participant in a one-to-one XCOM versus match. The human who emerges victorious will win a $20 shopping voucher to buy earthly objects with.

If you have played XCOM then you are fantastic human who stays tuned to good news and have great taste in your taste-tasting organ. You should come down and show us your XCOM tactics so we can learn and adapt to them.

If you don’t know what XCOM is, relax earth human, for it is only a video game. It will not harm you, so come down and try it because I have heard through my shapely human ears that it is a good video game (our full review of it here).

Need tips on what to do in the game? We have kindly shared all the human tactics we know over here in this feature.

Here is a piece of image which my humanly ears have been told is called a flyer. But that makes no sense whatsoever because it cannot fly like my flying saucer… that I throw into the sky to play catch with the earthly creature known as a dog.

XCOM: Enemy Unknown is available now for the PC, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3.



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