Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed (PS3, PS Vita, X360) will reach game stores in Singapore Novembe 16, which is the same day as the title’s European release date, and two days before the North American release.

Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed is the sequel to 2010’s Sonic & Sega All-Stars Racing, a game that in my opinion truly gave Nintendo’s Mario Kart series a run for its money (few mascot-based arcade-style racers ever do).

The tracks were varied and spread across many of Sega’s franchises – Sonic’s the main star here, but Super Monkey Ball, Jet Set Radio, and even Samba de Amigo all shared the limelight – and the game just had a speedy feel to it, with a fantastic power-drift mechanic that rewarded skilful play.

And now for the sequel, Transformed is stepping up the All-Stars Racing game with gates that you can drive through to turn your race car into an aircraft or sea-based vehicle (leading to shortcuts), and the addition of several other classic Sega franchises: Nights and Reala from Nights into Dreams, Vyse from Skies of Arcadia, Gillus Thunderhead from Golden Axe, Shinobi’s Joe Musashi. Ralph from upcoming Disney movie Wreck-It Ralph (which Sonic and Dr Eggman appears in) is also here.

Sure, vehicle transformations aren’t something we haven’t seen before. Many other kart racers have had that. In fact, in Mario Kart 7 (3DS), taking the race to the skies and into oceans was something Nintendo really focused on.

Mario and Sonic have been fierce rivals since as far back as any gamer (even those who don’t game regularly) can remember. While it remains to be seen if Sonic All-Stars Racing Transformed can finally overthrow Mario’s iron-fisted dominance over the arcade-style kart racer genre, this game does have one advantage over Mario Kart 7: since Sega is a third-party games publisher now, Sonic All-Stars Racing Transform is a multi-platform title.

Which is a big deal if you and your pals are looking for a new kart racer to take on each other at. Regardless if your preferred platform is Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita, or PC (note that the PC version will launch at a later date), Sega’s got all your bases covered.

So pick a platform, round-up some friends, drop by your favourite games retailer to make a pre-order, and get ready to put that pedal to the metal come November 16.

We’ll beat you to the checkered flag online.




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