After successfully releasing the One Piece limited edition gold PS3 in March this year, Sony Japan will be releasing a limited edition One Piece PSP (model: PSPJ-30028) inspired by the upcoming game “Romance Dawn: Bouken no Yoake” role-playing game soon. The black PSP comes with the images of each of the Straw Hat Pirate Flags on the back and a gold Chopper on the front beneath the buttons.

The game, although sharing the same title as Eiichiro Oda’s prototype manga for One Piece, would not be based on it but instead covers the “Romance Dawn” arc of the manga which begins Luffy’s adventures in East Blue. It will also feature 30 minutes of brand-new anime footage.

The game will be released in Japan by Namco Bandai on December 20 on both UMD and through digital download for PS Vita for 5, 980yen (~SGD 94). Nine custom PSP themes of the Straw Hat Pirates’ wanted posters, a serial code for obtaining a limited figure in the Mobage’s One Piece Grand Collection game, and a map for the special quest with Kuzan (Aokiji) as seen in the One Piece Flim Z would be given to those who pre-order the game.


The Straw Hat Pirates Edition PSP set, which comes with the game and all its pre-order extras, will come with another custom theme exclusive to the set, a battery pack and a AC adapter. The price of it is 19,780yen (~SGD 310) and will be shipped out on December 20.




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