The best part? If you talk to your favourite “Tales of” character enough times, he or she will actually call you back.

Tales Channel Plus, Namco Bandai Games’s portal site for their “Tales of” series of JRPGs, today launched a promotional campaign that would let fans converse over the phone with four characters from the games.

Which four characters? They are: Yuri Lowell from Tales of Vesperia, Leon Magnus from Tales of Destiny, Asbel Lhant from Tales of Graces, and Elle Mel Mata the heroine from Tales of Xillia 2 (which launches in Japan this Thursday, November 1). Do note that the service availability for each character is different.

The service is powered by Voice World, which is the same technology that enabled [email protected] fans to talk to their favourite [email protected] starlet if they bought some deliciously-packaged waffer biscuits.

This time, however, no purchases will be required. To use the free service (you only pay your mobile service provider for the amount of talktime used, typically charged at 30 yen per minute), all you  have to do is sign up at the Tales Channel Plus portal site, register a valid Japanese mobile phone number, and call the service number listed on the site.

When you call the number listed, a pre-recorded message in a specific character’s voice is played back to you. The service then waits for you to reply to the pre-recorded message, interprets what you just said through voice recognition, and plays back a corresponding pre-recorded response, thus simulating conversation.

Different conversation topics are available each time you call – in fact, the site warns that there may be content that you will only be able to hear once, so if you missed it due to a bad cellphone connection, you’re out of luck.

New to this version of Voice World is a “Combi Do”  (コンビ度) or “Friendliness Factor” which tracks how close you are to a specific character as you call him or her over time. Once the Friendliness Factor reaches a certain level, and other conditions are met, these Tales of characters will actually call you back to chat.

The service has already gone live in Japan, launching today with Tales of Vesperia’s Yuri Lowell. If you’re eligible to use the service, go over to this Tales Channel Plus page to either login or sign up for a new account.

Alternatively, if you’re somehow not convinced that this is something that you might want to spend five minutes of your life to register for, Tales Channel Plus has also set-up a trial service line that you can call to see how Voice World is like, without having to register (but remember, Friendliness Factor only kicks in after you’ve signed up and registered your phone number.)

Here’s Yuri Lowell’s calling card.

Source: 4Gamer,  Tales Channel Plus


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