The newly-released 1.02 game patch unlocks three of six confirmed additional characters – Miharu, Sebastian, and Slim Bob – fixes two glaring bugs (Kunimitsu ducking under certain “mid” attacks, and an Ancient Ogre infinite combo), and adds a couple more stages for you to Knocc ‘Em Down in.

All of this downloadable content will, of course, be completely free to all Tekken Tag Tournament 2 players. So make sure to jump on the PlayStation Network and Xbox Live to download all the new stuff pronto; we’ll see you and the rest of the fighting games community online on Ranked Match and the World Tekken Federation network.

Update: We’ve added video move lists (made by YouTube user BloodBurger) for all the three characters unlocked in this update.


A classmate of Ling Xiaoyu’s, Miharu is the Chinese fighter’s best friend and often hangs out with Xiaoyu and her pet Panda after school.


Sebastian is Lili’s butler, and as such, shares many moves with the “Monegasque-Gymnastic” style fighter. Lili was first introduced in Tekken 5 Dark Resurrection.

Slim Bob

Slim Bob’s origins can be attributed to Bob’s ending in Tekken 6, where he somehow lost a bunch of weight without realising after he attracted mass media attention for winning the Tekken tournament through his unique fighting techniques that emphasize on “speed and weight”.


Trailers for the new stages were also published on the game’s YouTube channel. From top to bottom: Poland, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and Chile.

Which is your favourite?



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