The subtitle for the third Madoka Magica movie, due sometime in 2013, has been revealed to be “The Story of Rebellion” (叛逆の物語 or Hangyaku no Monogatari), according to tweets from Japanese movie-goers who just saw the second flick.

A brief teaser was shown at the end of the second film, and according to one movie-goer, the third movie looks to be a story that focuses on Mami Tomoe, Kyoko Sakura, and Homura Akemi. A cutscene where Ultimate Madoka fights alongside Homura was also shown.

Unlike the first and second parts, which are a condensed re-telling of the original hit TV anime series, the third Puella Magi Madoka Magica movie is based on a completely new script.

If you’re not already familiar with the story told in the Madoka Magica series, it might be a good idea to stop reading right now, and just wait till you’ve had a chance to watch both movies, which will be shown in cinemas in Singapore (and seven other countries outside of Japan) sometime between October and December.

Beyond this point it’s not possible to delve into what was shown in the teaser at the end of the second movie without going into spoiler territory.

So, like I said earlier, the new movie will focus primarily on Mami Tomoe, Anzu, and Homura Akemi.

What about Sayaka Miki? Her fate was actually revealed through a short scene back in the last episode of Madoka Magica: she died, remember? She died even in the new word created by Madoka’s wish, due to over-expending her magical abilities for the sake of protecting Kyoko.

In the original universe, prior to Madoka making her wish, Mahou Shoujos or Magical Girls would turn into witches – the very enemies Magical Girls swore to fight and protect people from – after their Soul Gems are turned completely black due to the use of magic. As a result of that, Sayaka was supposed to turn into the witch, Oktavia von Seckendorff.

But in the new world created by Madoka’s wish, Mahou Shoujos do not turn into witches when they use up their magical powers, a fate that she thought was too cruel. So Sayaka’s existence simply vanishes, instead of turning into a witch.

This process of Magical Girls vanishing after they’re done is referred to as “Enkan no Kotowari” (円環の理 the “Law or Circles”, named after Madoka which is one of the readings for the Kanji 円), and there is a huge flaw with it, as Mami, Homura, and Kyoko finds out in the new movie.

Sounds pretty epic, huh? Almost as epic as this fan-made orchestral re-arrangement of Luminous, ClariS’s theme song for the first Madoka Magica movie:

Source: Alfalfalfa, HachimaMadoka Magica wiki



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