A few extra details on Tales of Hearts R have emerged in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. Development work on the game is said to be at the 50% mark, and the combat will feature a new mechanic called “Chase Link” that’s similar to air combos in fighting games.

Here’s a scan we found of the Tales of Hearts R feature in this week’s Famitsu (bigger here):

The original Tales of Hearts for the Nintendo DS was rendered mostly in 2D dot-matrix graphics – event cutscenes, on the other hand, were done in a photo-realistic CG style.

For the PlayStation Vista remake, Namco Bandai is switching to a different graphics engine that has everything done in a unified 3D rendering style.

The original’s 2D dot-matrix graphics (as seen in King of Fighters XIII) lent a fighting-game-esque feel to the combat. Namco Bandai Games may have switched to 3D now, but Famitsu says that the developers have tried to preserve that fighting game feel as much as possible.

Like we mentioned earlier, there will be at least one new play mechanic in the game’s combat system: Chase Link.

In battle when certain conditions are met, the character you control will go into Chase Link mode, launch the enemy into the air, and follow-up with an aerial rave assault – during which the camera will close-up on the action.

Finally, although the graphics are in 3D, when characters perform their super attacks, a 2D cut-in animation will occur (pictured right in the above image). These are all newly drawn for the remake.

Tales of Hearts R is scheduled to be released for the PlayStation Vita Spring 2013.

Source: Famitsu



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