Sega has released a mysterious teaser video, entitled “「2×5」??” , on YouTube today. The video, which plays back sound effects from five past Sega games somewhere in the middle, ends with the cryptic message: “See you tomorrow!”

What do you think it is?

Whatever it is, it probably has something to do with:

  1. Virtua Fighter – Akira Yuki yells “You’re ten years too early [to challenge me]”,
  2. A mysterious second game that has Japanese voiced dialogue (Shenmue?),
  3. Sonic the Hedgehog (sound of rings dropping),
  4. Virtua Striker (that’s the only Sega soccer game I can think of), and
  5. Virtua-On (I could be wrong, but that “Get Ready” sounds like it came from Sega’s mecha fighter… or it could be from Fighting Vipers).

Another classics compilation perhaps? I’m thinking “2×5” refers to five games that are all the second titles in their respective series.

Or the number “2” could refer to “AM2“, who has worked on all five video game franchises above, if the Sonic sound clip is referring to Sonic the Fighters, which according to Eurogamer may be coming to XBLA.


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