X-Bomber is a puppet-based tokusatsu series made by Go Nagai, father of classic mangas such as Mazinger Z and Devilman in the early 1980s. It aired on Fuji TV from October 1980 to March 1980, and had a total of 26 episodes.

The series was filmed in a similar way to Gerry Anderson’s Captain Scarlet, with “Supermarionation” styled rod-based puppeteering.

In a plot similar to Nagai’s own Getter Robo series, the heroes of X-Bomber ride three vehicles that can combine into a Super Sentai-styled giant robot, named Big Dai X.

X-Bomber was dubbed into English and released in the west as “Star Fleet”, and aired on the UK terrestrial channel ITV. Both a laser disc and DVD box set have previously been released in Japan, but both featured the original prints of the Japanese series. Video releases of the English version are considered rare, and no box set has ever been released outside of Japan.

The new box set from Bandai Visual features the Japanese classics fully re-mastered, along with the English Space Quest movies subtitled in Japanese, and is due for release on April 24th. Pre-orders can be made up until March 14th. The box set features 580 minutes of content and an extra 96 minutes of special features, spread across 5 double layered discs. The set also features a deluxe 32 page booklet with information about the series. The English dubbed Space Quest episodes other than the movies are unfortunately not included.

The box set will be available for 15,750 Yen.


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