Risa Oribe, better known to her fans as LiSA, returned to Singapore for yet another smashing performance at Anime Festival Asia 2012! LiSA, whose stage name is derived from the acronym of Love Is Same All, gained a rise in popularity when she debuted two years ago singing themes from Angel Beats!. Since then, the talented singer has had audiences taken with her charm and energetic performances, and released a solo album just this year in February. Besides her work for Angel Beats! as the vocalist Yui from Girls Dead Monster, she has also provided theme songs for Fate/Zero and, more recently, Sword Art Online.

We were able to snag a little bit of time with LiSA while she was here, so let’s move on to the interview!

SGCafe: How did performing in musicals help build confidence in front of an audience?

A: Even though I am actually very shy in real life, when I’m on stage with so many fans who have come all the way to see her, I feel really excited instead and wants to do my best for all the audience.

SGCafe: You’re very active on Twitter and your blog. Has it helped to build a relationship with your fans?

A: As I enjoy my current life very much, I also want to share my joy with my fans because I feel that they are a huge contribution to my happiness and having an active life, and I am really thankful to everyone who reads my blog and tweets.

SGCafe: Besides being a musician, are there any other aspects of the entertainment industry you would like to try working in?

A: I love Disney very much, so I hope to be able to sing for Disney musicals in future if possible!


The bubbly LiSA sure garnered even more fans since her last performance at AFA last year. We hope that LiSA will continue to grace Singapore with her presence, both on and off stage!


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