If you ask any kid in the early 90s in Singapore about race cars, most would answer Initial D. And without a doubt, many would be acquainted with m.o.v.e, who was here to perform at I Love Anisong segment on Day 2 just 10 days back. We managed to sneak in a few questions.

SGCafe: Lily’s character existed before she became a Vocaloid. How was her character design conceptualized?

A: Kei, the illustrator of Hatsune Miku, drew up Lily using inspiration from the gorgeousness and beauty of Yuri for the cover album “anim.o.v.e. 01”. The idea of developing a Vocaloid using Yuri’s voice stemmed from motsu experience as a Vocaloid producer himself.

SGCafe: Your music is a blend of a lot of genres, but it is mostly music people can dance to. Any new types of sounds in particular you would like to try including in your future works?

A: They have already experimented with quite a few genres before, so they are always glad for suggestions and opinions from fans in terms of what should they try in future.

After we posed this question to move, motsu also asked our interviewer, a m.o.v.e fan, for a recommendation! After considering the genres move has not yet tried incorporating into their music, she picked a most unlikely one: New Age! Instead of being taken with shock, motsu seemed pleasantly surprised, and even replied with “why not?” Guess we can look forward to something completely unexpected from m.o.v.e in the future, as always!


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