Packed with panels, presentations and competitions all weekend was AFA2012’s Main Stage, one of which was the special “K” anime presentation featuring director Go Nakanishi as well as AFA regular Danny Choo of Culture Japan.



For those who were new to the anime series, a fifteen-minute long summarization of the first 7 episodes were screened, after which director Nakanishi introduced audiences to the diverse range of characters in K. A short clip from the K Radio program featuring seiyuu Kenjiro Tsuda and Mikako Komatsu, the voices of fiery redhead Mikoto Suoh and bouncy catgirl Neko, was also shown, in which Kenjiro and Mikako introduced viewers to some terms used in the series: battou (抜刀), zugatakai (頭が高い), Weissman Deviationseibai (成敗) and last but not least, nakama (仲間), which we are told is an important keyword in K’s plot.

Renowned cosplayer KANAME☆ also made an appearance as SCEPTER4 member Fushimi Saruhiko, much to the delight of his hordes of screaming fans.

After his appearance, the K cosplay competition began!

The competition featured many talented cosplayers both local and international, a group of whom actually presented a creative mini-skit when asked to step forward into the spotlight! Two prizes were given: for KANAME☆’s favorite, it was a bag full of K goodies, some of which had been autographed by the cosplayer, and the grand prize winner, chosen by director Nakanishi, would win a pair of return tickets to Japan and be invited to a K event there as a featured cosplayer.

Winning KANAME☆’s pick was cosplayer Muze from USA, who cosplayed the sophisticated leader of SCEPTER4 Reishi Munakata, and the grand prize went to local cosplayer Kumiko, who charmed the crowd (and director Nakanishi!) with her portrayal of the adorable Neko.


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