Hello everyone! For the first time in AFA‘s history, the event will be at Singapore Expo Hall 7 and 8. This will be a guide for all of you visiting Singapore or if this is your first time to the event! The event guide is up on AFA’s website so do read it to know the timing for any of the concerts, presentations and competitions. Here are some tips for those going this weekend.


Getting there

If you’re going by the MRT, note that from the east, it is the green line. You’ll have to change at Tanah Merah to the train going towards the airport. Stop at Expo station. Once you’re from the station, go to the RIGHT from the exit. When lost, the map is there but Hall 7 and 8 is to the right of the station, separate from the other halls.


For cosplayers, Hall 7 and 8 have limited toilets and they’re not spacious. If you need to change it is advisable that you do it at the toilets in the other halls like 1-6. They have second level toilets too. Just cross over once you’re ready!


There are fast food restaurants nearby Hall 3-6. However, the new mall, Changi City Point has recently opened. They have a foodcourt and other food stalls there which are quite affordable and has more variety than if you just stuck to the food at Expo.


The only ATM nearest to the Expo Halls would be the one just near the Expo MRT. So make sure you have your cash first before you head to the event since it’s quite a walk to get to the machines. The other nearest ATMs would be at Changi City Point.


These are some tips for those who haven’t been to a convention in Singapore before. Some are simple enough to remember and some are things that you should take note of.

  • Photographers or anyone wanting a picture, always ask the person you wish to take a picture of before doing so. No means no. The cosplayer might not be ready or comfortable, so please respect their wishes.


  • Don’t glomp people or touch props or costumes without permission. People don’t like it when strangers just do that randomly without asking.


  • For cosplayers, don’t mess up the area while preparing your cosplay such as dyes or any other messy materials. Always clean up before you leave.


  • Remember your budget. Plan what you want to buy before buying it. Sometimes, if you can wait till near the end of the last day, there might be more discounted sales but if the item or artwork you want is popular, it might be gone before you want to buy it.


  • If buying stuff from the artist booths, try to give exact or small change because they are not big businesses. They’re independent artists or crafters, etc. You will be hated if you give big money on purpose. NETs or credit cards will only be available to be used at bigger shops at the event.


  • Don’t block the walkways! If you want to take a picture of a cosplayer, try to make it quick or move to the side. Or, there are usually areas to take pictures at, especially at AFA.


  • Do check out the schedule for the events happening on stage (if you have a stage ticket access). Either to make sure you get there on time OR most of the maid/butler cafe and other booths will be less crowded to visit when something big is happening at the stage area.


  • There are rules for maid/butler cafe at AFA. Please follow them and no photography is allowed in there. You can however buy a photo in the cafe itself.


  • If you see anyone in distress or spot a creeper/pervert/etc harrassing someone, either help the person in distress by calling on the AFA staff or security. It should be a safe environment for everyone to have fun at!

That’s it. You should have fun at the various stalls, booths and events at AFA! Make friends, take pictures. Join the mini contests at other booths or try out their demos and games. See you all at AFA 2012!


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