License2Play returns to once again promise fans an exciting weekend of games, toys, competitions and more! This year, they have invited two prolific cosplayers in the Japanese cosplay scene to grace the event, and they are Martha Asahi and Ginga Ion!

Comprising five female cosplayers Martha, Ion, Anzu, Maria and Naoya, the VENas Sisters (VENaS.S) was formed just this year in May and has already raked up an impressive resume – they have held 20 performances from the group’s conception to date at various events including the Cure Cosplay Collection at 2012’s World Cosplay Summit and Cosplay Collection Night @TGS. In addition to that, Venas.S’s members have also been commissioned as models for cosplay wig store Cospedia, karaoke system DAM-tomo and lots more!


Since her debut, Martha has become not only an accomplished cosplayer but also a mangaka whose works have been published by Oakla Shuppan and Bunendou. Although most well-known among the Facebook community for her portrayal of Ghost in the Shell’s Motoko Kusanagi, Martha’s prowess at cosplaying not only female but male characters equally well speaks volumes of her versatility.

A Kanto-based cosplayer, Ion began her foray into the cosplay hobby before 2009. She has recently gained popularity among the predominantly english-speaking community for her cosplay of the fiery Shikinami Asuka Langley from Evangelion, and was elected the official cosplayer for Japanese cosplay community site Be-Bit. Notable characters she has portrayed also include Reimu of bullet hell series Touhou, Homura from Madoka Magica as well as Black Rock Shooter.

To find out more about License2play, visit their official site at!

Also visit Martha and Ion at their Worldcosplay accounts, and the VENaS.S official FB page!

See you at L2P!



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