Psychedelic lights. Lasers. LED panels. Awesome legwork.

These are some of the words that describe Saturday at SCAPE. Perfume has truly made a beautiful night for the 1000-strong audience. 

It is not only the girls that Love the World, but also the world that loves them, especially when fans from all over the region gathered to attend the last concert of their first world tour.

The show begins with an original song featured within the official perfume world site, without any lyrics. Just pure tunes, and the girls dancing with elegant yet powerful steps. More songs performed came from their latest compilation album, titled ‘Love the World’. During an emcee segment, while trying their best to interact with the audience in Japanese they finally gave up and requested help from their fans. Fortunately, a female fan was able to translate their stage gags and convey their words perfectly.

Aa-chan, the main voice of the unit, elaborated on how amused she is during a photo shoot with a local print media. She used Nocchi and Kashiyuka to re-enact the scene of the photographer’s antics and gestures due to language barrier, much to the amusement of the audience. This feeling of closeness with the audience is scarcely seen with many local and overseas acts. They split the audience up as “Mer-li-on” for their audience call, common in Perfume concerts.

Notable songs include Electro World, Laser Beam, and a live-only Spending all my Time, meaning Perfume will never perform that song during television music programs. After performing Laser Beam, the ladies did a very quick costume change of white glittery costumes, to red UV reactive ones, leading to Spending all my Time.

Also just specially for this world tour, edge -triangle mix- continued its tradition to have 3 LED panels, but with a twist. It was definitely different from the dance that was performed during their Triangle Tour back in 2009. More notable songs include Love the World, Chocolate Disco and Dream Fighter.

The P.T.A Corner, a staple in all of their concerts since 2009, involves loads of audience interaction. Having the audience dance along to specific actions associated with some of their songs, Perfume managed to work out a sweat together with the audience, and even sang We will Rock you with the audience.

Perfume ended the concert with Polyrhythm, the song that propelled them to immense popularity back in 2007. But not before long, the audience call of ‘mou ikkai’ (もう一回) got the ladies back to perform an encore. It is definitely different from the standard “encore” call that Perfume is used to. Spring of Life and Kokoro no Sports were sung, followed by a surprise announcement, which involves performing the theme song childhood anime Doraemon. Their new song, Mirai no Museum, will be released next spring, on 9 March 2013.

Their last song, MY COLOR, was performed only in Singapore during their tour. During one of the emcee segments, Aa-chan spoke of the following:

Right now, 30,000 people watched the streaming (through 63 other cinemas all over Japan as well as Taiwan).The reason to decide the world tour is that a woman asked us to come to USA again and have a concert during our stay in LA when we were asked out to join Cars 2 premier. And we were also surprised at the fact that some people knew us. We never imagined it.
When we arrived at Change airport at 5 am, tens of fans waited for us. Even if waiting in such an early morning is a must for your business, it is very hard. To be frank, we were told not to accept any presents at the airport so as to not cause any trouble, but I felt so happy to see the fans and I received all the presents with great joy.
This is the first tour so you can imagine a second. I am satisfied with first tour but not fully satisfied. Next time, I want to come and have a concert in a bigger venue.

Based on the reaction of the Perfume fans before and after the concert, there is without a doubt that the second will be even better.

 Photos by Amos Wong; courtesy of Universal Music


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