Trying to shake free from its shackles of being associated with children’s games, the Nintendo 3DS is getting a new adult rated game from D3 Publisher on November 28. Available from Nintendo’s eShop, the game will be available for a mere 800 Yen, and has a CERO rating of D (17+)


Itsuka Sensei (full game title: ‘Closed in a secret room with female tutor Ms. Itsuka-sensei..maybe we’ll XXX’) is a new genre of adventure game which mixes the traditional ‘Room Escape’ and ‘Dating Sim’ genres to come up with a unique style of gameplay. The game is a spin off title of the adventure game ‘Closed in a secret room with a girl, maybe we’ll XXX’) which was released in March of this year.


Taking up the prestigious role of ‘girl-trapped-in-room’ this time around is Itsuka-sensei, a female Oneesan type character who is apparently your home tutor. Lucky you. In addition to the switch in characters, the game has also gotten a boost in graphical quality since its predecessor, with a brand new rendering engine. The new engine now allows every scene to be viewable in full 3D, and all backgrounds in the game, as well as Itsuka-sensei herself have been converted to polygon graphics too. Not bad for 800 Yen.


The game system has also been upgraded, and search scenes now more closely resemble their Room Escape genre counterparts; as with the previous ‘Closed in a secret room with a girl’, searching of the scenery is done using cursor based controls ala the point-and-click games of old. Another new addition to the engine is text input using a function called Philosopher Time (I’ll get to that in a bit.). And finally the game has a wealth of new costumes for Itsuka-sensei to wear so you can play dress-up, or whatever. You perv.


Despite what you may think, the actual objective of the game is to escape from the room with Itsuka (go figure!). Using the cursor you search the room, looking for items or hints that can lead you out of the dormitorial prison. It’s possible to investigate various aspects of the room, including of course Itsuka-sensei herself, and by touching her (er…) the game will switch to a close-up of the heroine in question.


Oh, by the way, the game’s story isn’t really that straight forward, and is made up of a cluster of various ..scenarios.., which pit you and Itsuka in various different roles. Confused? Here’s some examples.


[Home Tutor Chapter]

The titular canonical line of the story, you play as a student who’s not doing so well in school, and Itsuka plays as the home tutor here to raise your grades.. and your… spirits?


[High School Student Chapter]

This time around you play as the ultra-popular ace player in your high school baseball team, and Itsuka is your classmate as well as a cheerleader for the team.


[Family Restaurant Chapter]

You play as a waiter making minimum wage at a crappy family restaurant. Suddenly your life seems a lot less pathetic when a cute new waitress (Itsuka) gets a part-time job at the same joint.


Finally, let’s get to the part everyone’s been waiting for (No, not THAT). Of course I am referring to Philosopher Time. What exactly is it? Well, it occurs when you start to ‘investigate’ Itsuka. When you look at Itsuka, a chemical substance called Espermin is released into the protagonist’s brain (I swear I’m not making this up!), and this raises your Espermin points. When your Espermin points reach MAX, you enter Philosopher Time, which as it turns out, is a really perverted form of Bullet Time.

Entering Philosopher Time allows you to tilt the 3DS unit to view Itsuka from various angles. If you find anything unusual about her, you can write what it is in the bottom screen of the 3DS, and this gives you.. super powers. Oh boy. So, by using these super powers, whatever they are, you are apparently able to trigger a way out of the room. Cool.


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