Danny Choo has organized yet another successful Culture Japan Night in Singapore, with several esteemed producers and presidents of companies like ASCII Media Works, Production I.G and Good Smile Company attending to give talks at their panels.

As such, we are sharing the top 3 panels and its content from CJN!

The first panel started with Fukuoka-san from ASCII Media Works showing videos of Hatsune Appearance with Mamama’s Miku model, and explained the project’s concept of creating perspective and depth through layering. He asked the audience if they would like to see a Vocaloid concert in Singapore, which lead to many cheers of approval. Other songs played in the videos were Hello Planet, ZIGG ZAGG, Birthday Song for Miku, and Chaining Intention. He also showed a MMD video with the Mamama-shiki Gumi!
He also showed us some confidential design/background materials for the upcoming 千本桜 novel. In between panels, he also let us see the comiket-released Senbonzakura earphones. They were really cute!

The second panel was with Production I.G.’s Kamiyama Kenji and Ishii Tomohiko. They talked about 009 Re:Cyborg and the new Ghost in the Shell movie. Kamiyama introduced all the characters and their abilities in Cyborg 009, and the 加速装置 (or acceleration device) became a running gag.They opened questions to the floor and we asked about whether he was going to make a continuation for Higashi no Eden (even though we’ve asked before during our interview with Ishii in AFA Malaysia). He replied that he was asked that quite frequently and knows that a lot of fans would want to see more of Takizawa and Saki, but it is difficult to do so with his current schedule, and joked that he would need three more of himself.

The third panel was GSC and Nitro+ (Aki-shachou, Digitarou and OdaP!). They started off with self introductions, and Digitarou mentioned that he made his handle name Digitarou (でじたろう)in hiiragana so that everyone could read it easily, and joked about how it stood out from other names in the credits, like in Madoka Magica and Fate/Zero. When the talk session started and Danny said that he was going to ask him a few questions, he went “Okay, ask me anything! I’ll even tell you my three sizes!” to which everyone took seriously and he was like “what no I don’t know my three sizes”, and so Danny popped him a surprise question and asked him about Sonico’s three sizes instead.

The first part of their panel was mostly about PSYCHO-PASS! When asked about his relationship to the production of the anime, Digitarou laughed and said “It’s a good relationship!”. Urobuchi Gen was mentioned, and according to Digitarou, he was inspired by girls who worry about their weight, and found it interesting how their feelings could be changed just by a numerical display. The concept of PSYCHO-PASS was a society in which all traits are converted to figures, so a person’s Crime Coefficient could be detected and technically, this would prevent a crime from happening if they got rid of potential criminals first.

The later half of the panel was dominated by Wooser!! Aki-shachou wanted everyone’s opinion on the subtitles for Wooser no Sono Higurashi, so we got to watch not just the PV, but also the first three episodes of the anime! It was great that more people got to watch and enjoy Wooser, it’s one of the most underrated anime of this season. Too bad they cut off the ED for episodes 2 and 3, I wanted to see the end card :< He looked surprised when we started going “Chanco!!!” at the episode 1 end card, and asked if we liked Chanxco. Yes we do!

Aki-shachou tried to introduce the background of Wooser to the audience, and described him as a yellow monster which lives on the internets and says the things which everyone wants to say but can’t, like “I’ll be motivated tomorrow” and “Money makes the world go round”. Wooser is the original creation of Yoshiki Usa, probably known (or maybe not?) to most as the brain of Supercell (He did the design and packaging for their albums). Aki-shachou said that it was a pretty luxurious production for such a title, with the main character being voiced by Miyano Mamoru and the ending theme by Supercell.

They also talked about random things, like how Digitarou and Aki-shachou met (They don’t remember since it was about 7 years ago, but it was probably at some event. They both liked cars so they went karting together), and there was a confession time which was set up as a surprise birthday celebration for OdaP! Digitarou tried to pretend to be in his twenties when asked for his age by going falsetto and it was hilarious.

In his last comment, Digitarou said that as he used to work with Newtype and anime productions. For Nitro+ as a game company to be involved in so many animated adaptations recently, he felt that anime, as a medium, was a better way to get content to audiences compared to games, and expressed his joy at being able to do so now. He also told us to look out for a new anime annoucement sometime in December, in which Nitro+ will be working closely with GSC. He also mentioned that he might bring other Nitro+ staff down for overseas events next year! Here’s hoping for Urobuchi Gen (Now a celebrity), Tsuji Santa or Namaniku ATK, or as we joked later on after the panel, Joy Max or Desyun!



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