In Demon Gaze, a PlayStation Vita dungeon crawler from Students of the Round developer Experience, you’ll be able to fully customise your party members: everything from looks, to race, job class, voice and (of course) name, is up to you.

Unlike other RPGs that let you customise the looks of your characters, however, instead of being able to pick from a variety of faces, hairstyles, and builds, you’re stuck with the full package: you pick one of 45 pre-designed character illustrations to represent each party member. That’s a far better system, if you ask me, for it means that every single character look in the game is stylised and unique, as opposed to the generic mix-and-match character appearances that do not really do a good job at conveying personalities.

Before we get to your party members’ appearances, here’s a previous trailer of the game that runs through all the key non-player characters (and who their voice actors are):

This week’s Famitsu magazine offers a look at some of those illustrated character appearances in Demon Gaze that you can choose from, as well as introduced a portion of the job classes and races in the game.

There are a total of seven job classes, and five races to choose from in Demon Gaze, and here are images depicting three of each.



A natural-born warrior that’s particularly proficient with close-quarters combat. Has got the best damage-per-second output out of all the classes in the game.

A defender who protects his allies from the frontlines. Equipped with heavy armour that’s suited for the task.

Also a frontlines fighter, but the Samurai is equipped with light clothing that lets her (or him) excel as a “speed fighter”. Samurai can dish out deathblows that kill in a single strike.


(As with most other fantasy games,) Humans are the most well-rounded race and able to handle just about any class well.

A race that lives amongst nature and generally attractive-looking, Elves are low in physical strength, and high in intelligence – making them the best fit for mage-related classes.

A beast race from a foreign country. Well-versed in speedy movements but terrible at magic.

Interestingly, the developers have made it such that you’re free to pick any character illustration for your party members that you like, regardless of your chosen race and job class for said member. For instance, you could create an Elf Fighter (a poor mix of race and class, by the way)… who looks like the Human Samurai above.

And the best part? Although your character’s race and job class are set from the moment you bring them into the world of Demon Gaze, you can freely change their looks anytime by having them use the hot springs in the Dragon Inn to give them an “Image Change”.

One other Demon Gaze tidbit Famitsu shared this week was the reveal of a third demonic boss from the game, who goes by the name Astro.

Astro governs “magic ability” amongst demons, and when he’s in an enemy party, the magic ability of all his allies increase temporarily, and MP is also increased. We’re not too sure from the description Famitsu provided, but chances are, when you capture Astro and add him into your party, the benefits will work in your favour too.

Here’s what he looks like, in both regular and rampage forms.

Demon Gaze for the PlayStation Vita is slated for a January 24, 2013 release in Japan.

Source: Famitsu


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