Kadokawa Games are releasing Demon Gaze on January 24, 2013 for the PlayStation Vita. Pre-orders for the Famitsu DX special edition of the game are now open on Enterbrain’s Ebten site.


The game revolves around ex-bounty hunter Lance Lona, inn owner Fran who runs the local tavern where Lance hangs out, and the young girl Vene who works at the inn. Each character has their own mysteries for you to delve into as you progress in the game.

The titular enemy of the game is a half-machine half-living organism known as “Demon”. The hero of the game is a Demon Gazer, one who has taken the mission of hunting these demons. At first the Demons are your enemy, but by defeating them they become your friend. However, don’t trust them too much; sometimes they will ‘riot’, and bite the hand that feeds them, so to speak. Only by defeating all demons in the stage can you proceed to the next level.


As with most dungeon RPGs, this title puts a great emphasis on items, and the gems you find in the game can be used to strengthen your character’s offense and defense.


With its vast mazes and enticing story, Demon’s Gaze should prove to be an interesting game. And the DX pack offers even more.


The DX pack contains special goods that aren’t available anywhere else. Those of you interested in limited game goods better get on down to the Ebten store if your want to secure their order. But first, let’s check out the goods themselves.


Product Name: Demon Gaze Famitsu DX Pack

Release Date: January 24 2013

Price: 8190 Yen


  • PS Vita Software: Demon Gaze
  • A2-sized Illustrated Tapestry
  • Demon Gaze Original T-Shirt (available in S, M, L, XL)


Details of Special Contents


– A2-sized Illustrated Tapestry

A tapestry featuring illustrations of characters appearing in the game such as female inn owner Fran. The tapestry is A2 sized (420x594mm), and would look pretty slick on your wall.


-Demon Gaze Original T-Shrits

The semi-mechanical life form “Demon” themed T-Shirt gives a feel for what’s in store for you in this game, but above all is just pure cool.


First Press Edition Bonus Contents

-Premium Treasure Hunting Set (Product Code)

A useful pack of 14 weapon/defense gems, 1 unnamed gem, and 5 strengthening gems (total 20 gems).


Pre-order the game here.


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