Evangelion Q has been awaited by desperate fans for what seems like an eternity. The third film in the rebooted saga which began in 2007, “Evangelion: New Theatre Version” has met with overwhelming success over its previous two films. Evangelion Q, however, left the previous two films in the dust by making even more colossal box-office sales.


In two days, the new title managed to score a tremendous 1.131 billion Yen. In US dollars, that’s a whopping $13.83 million. Yowza. Sufficed to say, this took the top spot on Japan’s box office charts for this year. The revenue for each day is given below.


Nov 17 (Saturday)

Viewers: 443,408

Revenue: 0.65 Billion Yen (approx.)


Nov 18 (Sunday)

Viewers: 328,356

Revenue: 0.48 Billion Yen (approx)


Weekend Total

Viewers: 771,764

Revenue: 1.13 Billion Yen (approx)


Comparison to Previous Films


Evangelion New Theater Edition: Ha

First Weekend Revenue: 0.51 Billion Yen (approx)

Comparison: 220%

(Final Revenue: 4 Billion Yen)


Evangelion New Theater Edition: Jo

First Weekend Revenue: 0.28 Billion Yen (approx)

Comparison: 403%

(Final Revenue: 2 Billion Yen)




Anime Movie Comparisons


One Piece Film: Strong World (Dec 12 2009)

First Weekend Revenue: 1.04 Billion Yen (approx)

Final Revenue: 4.8 Billion Yen (approx)


Kake no Ue no Ponyo (Jul 19 2008)

First Weekend Revenue: 1.02 Billion Yen (approx)

Final Revenue: 15.5 Billion Yen (approx)


Well…. Well done, Gainax!!!


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