Square Enix’s most lovable mascot (and most developed character in the FF series it would seem) Chocobo is here again. This time though, there’s no more mysterious dungeon or race carts to get in his way. This time, its just plain old gardenin’ with Uncle Choco! Y’all ready to git’ down and dirty?

Launching on social network GREE’s smartphone platform, Chocobo’s Chocotto Garden (aka Chocobo no Chocotto Nouen, which has a literal translation of “Choboco’s smallish plantation” but uses a play on words to sound kinda like Chocobo… yeh whatever) is what you’d expect it to be. A gardening simulator. Starting in this year, the game service is going to be F2P, while monetary transactions can be made to purchase additional in-game items. (In gamer-speak, that means a cash-shop).


Developer Smile Lab have gone out of their way to ensure that as many people as possible can do-the-Chocobo, and will be releasing on a multitude of devices. Compatible devices are iOS 4.0 and above (although tablets aren’t supported), and Android 2.2 and above (excluding Android 3.x and tablets), and for those few of you living in Japan without a smartphone, the game also runs on the local niche of ‘featurephone’ devices, specifically those compatible with Docomo/AU/Softbank Flash Lite 1.1.

Chocobo’s Chocotto Gardenwas previously announced as a joint project between Japanese developers Gree and Square Enix back in October, and is finally coming to… fruition (Wark! That’s a terrible joke, Wark!). Anyway, the game lets you team up with your old pal Chocobo as you plant crops, raise animals, and expand your farm. Doesn’t sound very exciting, but when you look at the success of Harvest Moon and Farmville, its popularity is almost guaranteed. As you progress in the game, you can apparently set special items such as backgrounds, shelves, and scarecrows.

Sometimes, your crops and trees will become huge, utilizing a system dubbed “Mega-change”; when this happens, you can participate in events where you… compare the size of your… crops. Err…I guess this is a farmer’s equivalent of equipping 3 Geforce cards in SLI or something.


Oh I just bet you’re wondering what kinds of animals are in the game. What kinds of animals? What kinds of animals? What kinds of animals? Well I’ll tell you what kind. Chocobos. Ha! Just kidding. Why there’s dogs, and cows, and winged pigs, and rabbits and.. wait a minute.. Winged Pigs???. Er.. I don’t remember that from any Final Fantasy game. But I digress.


Of course there’s always a hook to make you keep playing in these types of games, and Chocotto Garden is no different. Here it is: Your crops and livestock can level up. Yup. Kiss your social life goodbye. Burn your schedules, won’t be needing them anymore.


Although the game service won’t be starting just yet, registration for Chocotto Garden starts.. NOW! So go ahead and click your heels over to the registration site if you want a cool bonus, as those who register beforehand will get a rare Black Chocobo to use in the game! You know what they say, the early Chocobo catches the… Chocobo. Or something.


And if the Chocobo theme wasn’t playing in your head the entire time you read this article, well, this game just might not be for you. Wark.


Game URLs:

Smartphone: http://pf.gree.jp/58407

Featurephone: http://mpf.gree.jp/58407


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