Square Enix today revealed the CD jacket art to the Final Fantasy Tribute ~Thanks~ 25th anniversary commemorative album that’s scheduled to be released December 5.

Illustrated by Kazuko Shibuya, who was responsible for the dot graphics and general design for many of the characters, monsters, and backdrops in Final Fantasy I through VI, the CD jacket features 24 of the series’ most popular characters from I to XIII (determined through a fan poll) in 8-bit dot-matrix graphics style, beginning with the cast of Final Fantasy I in the upper-left-hand corner, and finishing with Lightning (FFXIII) on the bottom-right-hand side.

Cloud Strife, Sephiroth, Aeris, Squall, Laguna, Zidane, Tidus… they’re all here. This is the first time characters from FFVII and onwards were done in an 8-bit style, according to Famitsu.

Here’s what the CD jacket artwork looks like:

A tribute album that celebrates 25 years of the beloved JRPG franchise, Final Fantasy Tribute ~Thanks~ is a compilation of 25 classic FF tracks re-arranged by an assortment of artistes, all of whom are special guest musicians Square Enix extended an invitation to for the occasion. The 25 re-arranged tracks are spread across two CDs.

Previously, all but one of the artistes were already revealed back when the tribute album was first announced.

Today, Square Enix revealed the name of the final guest artiste who would be contributing to the album: Aoi Teshima & De De Mouse (手嶌葵&DE DE MOUSE), who has been enlisted to do a dreamy arranged cover of Final Fantasy XI‘s Melodies of Life, originally performed by Emiko Shiratori.

The 2CD compilation V.A. Final Fantasy Tribute ~Thanks~ will be released 5 December 2012 in Japan for a retail price of 3,000 yen.

First press editions of the tribute album, when purchased at either Tower Records or Village Vanguard stores in Japan, will come with a bonus Rare SQ disc, which contains a further nine tracks. Details on what’s included in Rare SQ will come at a later date.


V.A.「FINAL FANTASY TRIBUTE 〜Thanks〜」Full list of participating artistes (in Japanese):

東京スカパラダイスオーケストラ / → Pia-no-jaC ← / Drakskip / Kenmochi Hidefumi / DAISHI DANCE / 栗コーダーカルテット / NOISIAVISION feat. REXER / Sword of the Far East / millstones / So many tears / Serph / ぺさま / Calla Soiled / AVTechNO! / ALLY BAND / SPANOVA / jizue / Schroeder-Headz / グッドラックヘイワ / JABBERLOOP / mudy on the 昨晩 / Nabowa / Open Reel Ensemble / 25th Anniversary FAN-CHESTRA / 手嶌葵&DE DE MOUSE

Source: Natalie, Famitsu


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