This year’s RCC saw another clash of the region’s very best in the cosplay scene!

Teams of cosplayers from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Singapore met to vie for the judges’ favor and, more importantly, to showcase their talent to the world. On this year’s panel of judges were celebrity cosplayer and familiar face to AFA veterans KANAME☆ and popular Japanese cosplayer Reika, Taiwanese cosplayers Judy, Hiko, Akatsuki Tsukasa and Mikoto. Also on the panel of judges were ARCC guests Richfield and local mecha cosplayer Clive, as well as WCS 2012 champions Team Shikon from Japan and CLAS:H 2011 champions Lunar Asterisk from Indonesia.

With each team displaying a their own unique talents, it was an extremely close and exciting race for the title of grand champion!

Team Check Mate of Malaysia, who had chosen to cosplay Sebastian and Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji, impressed the crowd with their showmanship and commitment to their characters – they remained perfectly in character from the moment they entered stage right and even answered the judges’ questions with amazing theatrical flair.

Philippines’ Adventure Team presented a stunningly choreographed fight between Soul Calibur fighters Kilik and Mitsurugi from the fourth installment of the series, and 2nd runner-up Thailand’s performance featured Team Drachen as Maria and Leonil from RPG-shooter Knights in the Nightmare, surprising the audience with a particular costume change from armored warrior to fearsome ingame beast.

Indonesia’s Daikon Sky presented a spectacular sketch as Haseo and Ovan from .hack//G.U. and snagged the title of 1st runner-up, while Singapore’s very own Section 8 stole the show with their portrayal of Wild Tiger and Barnaby Brooks Jr. from popular Sunrise series Tiger & Bunny!

Audiences were also in for a special treat: KANAME☆ and Culture Japan’s Danny Choo doing a certain popular dance move…


For more pictures, check out the gallery!


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