The free-to-play iOS app, aptly named “Groove Coaster Zero” in reference to its price (prior to in-app purchases), is a remixed version of the original paid app with a whole slew of new tracks added for fans to tap their fingers (on the touchscreen) to – including four J-pop tracks.

Before we get to all the new goodies introduced in Groove Coaster Zero, some of you may be wondering what exactly Groove Coaster is. If you haven’t played it, you’ve essentially missed out on one of the best and most original rhythm-action game apps on the iOS platform (and now you no longer have an excuse not to check out this amazing game; it’s free to play!)

This introduction video should demonstrate most of the game’s basics:

In Groove Coaster, you play as a bead of light (or whichever avatar you’ve selected; different ones confer different bonuses) traversing down a long and winding piece of thread that’s endowed with turns and zig-zagging corners and all the fun things you’d typically associate with some of the craziest roller-coaster rides. Throughout the course, circular notes will appear on the track and when they cross paths with your groove-coasting avatar, you have to tap on them, using the rhythm in the background music as a sort of guide (it can be fairly difficult to judge when you’re supposed to tap based on visuals alone).

In later songs, on top of taps, you may also be required to perform flicks, repeated taps (mashing), and other touch gestures. There are also hidden notes – known as “ad lib notes” that can be discovered by randomly tapping at key junctures, or using an item.

What’s new in Groove Coaster Zero?

Although the new app is free-to-play, Groove Coaster Zero is generally considered a powered-up version of the original GC. A new “perfect play” feature has been added that challenges fans to try and clear songs without skipping a beat.

Also, the new GC Zero features a total of over 40 songs, about 20 of which can be unlocked for free in the app (the remainder are paid content).

Naturally the four J-pop tracks included here all fall under the paid content category, licensing fees and all. Regardless, they should be a blast to tap and groove to. The four licensed J-pop tracks are: Perfume’s Polyrhythm (ポリリズム), Kaela Kimura’s Tree Climbers, Niji or Rainbow (虹), and Back on My Feet. I’m not sure who the original artistes for the latter two tracks are; the 虹 that I’m familiar with is performed by Yuzu, although Kobukuro also has a song entitled 虹. As for Back on My Feet, if you know who the artiste is, let us know in the comments.

These four J-pop tracks may or may not be region-locked – when we looked through the list of paid songs in the Groove Coaster Zero shop, the J-pop tracks did not appear as an option (on my Singapore iTunes account).

Fans of chiptunes may also be pleased to hear that YMCK’s Kikikaikai is also listed as a track in GCZ. In case you’re not familiar with the chiptune band, here’s a clip from one of their other singles, Starlight.

Groove Coaster Zero is available now as a free app worldwide on the iTunes app store.


Partial list of songs in Groove Coaster Zero
ポリリズム / J-POP
虹 / J-POP
Music Revolver / 世阿弥
Dreamer / Takeharu Ishimoto・Yuriko Kaida
Freestyle Beats / Mitsuto Suzuki
Shooting Star / Masashi Hamauzu・Mina
Wacky dance ethnic / Sampling Masters MEGA
The Star-Spangled Banner / COSIO
カンナンシンク / Shohei Tsuchiya
And more…

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