Gundam and Gunpla enthusiasts (and sometimes even the general public) appreciate fixing up a model kit or two. At GBWC, or Gundam Builders World Cup, local kit builders strut their modding skills and take original concepts to another level. 

What is Gundam Builders World Cup, you may ask. As the title suggests, it’s a world cup title held in many parts of the world to determine the best Gunpla kit builder based off the several hundred entries submitted every year in many major cities around the world. Of course, Singapore is included in the list, and this year’s entries are especially interesting this time round.

Presenting the top 3 entries that amaze us with the level of skill and detail put in the kits.

First up, we have a heavily modified Kampfer, which looks to be a variant of Dra-C, except that this kit is supposed to be transformable. No clue as to how its alternate form will look like, though this form alone, the Kampfer looks plenty badass.

This mod consists of a myriad of kits from the Master Grade series. Off hand, we are able to spot parts from Sinanju, Gyan, 1/100 NG Saviour, MG Z’gok and many more.


The next entry is based off MG The-O, which is plenty awesome built out-of-box.

Love all the little subtle details from the pla-plates and scratchbuild panel lines. 


Our next favourite is this beast of an MG Banshee. This original concept of a ‘Full Armor Banshee’ looks like it is ready to rip apart battalions of its opposing force.

Last but not least, is another great MG Banshee mod. We love how it looks like a cross between Psycho Gundam and Devil Gundam.

If you want to check out more wonderful entries (and get yourself a model kit or two), head on down to Sengkang’s Compass Point mall! The event  has been ongoing since 16 November, and will be around until 25 November! You can pre-order many wonderful kits at heavily discounted prices as well.

If you are lazy and just want to browse the entries, check out more photo coverage from our source.



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