Eager to please fans of the computer generated pop-star, electronic device maker Hori are working on a new set of PlayStation 3 controllers designed specifically for the latest Miku-tastic title from Sega, due for release in Spring 2013.


Let’s first take a look at the mini controller. With a black and green color-scheme, the trapezoid shaped controller is quite novel, and is enamored with the artful pop designs of the Miku-verse.


The controller has dimensions of 370x225x60mm, and a weight of 2000g. The cable length extends for a hefty 3m, but unfortunately the controller doesn’t have wireless functionality. The mini controller has an estimated price of 9,800 Yen ($120).



The real deal though is the arcade-type controller, which comes complete with a built in touch panel. Apparently this gives PS3 users the opportunity to try out the ‘scratch’ feature which was present in the PlayStation Vita version of Project Diva F.




Another cool feature about the arcade controller is the glowing buttons, which are accurate representations of the arcade version (Hatsune Miku Project DIVAArcade), 100mm in size with a glowing backlight.


Dimensions of this ‘true’ version of the controller are 690x430x70mm, and it has a weight of 7kg. Cable length is 3m just like the mini controller. The arcade controller is priced 33,900 Yen ($417).


Pre-orders can currently be made for the arcade controller here: http://www.horistore.com/products/detail.php?product_id=1180


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