After two Hatsune Miku game apps that were exclusive to the iOS platform, Sega is finally throwing a bone to Miku fans on Android devices. Hatsune Miku: Live Stage Producer today went into open beta service, and it’s only for Android users for now.

The free-to-play mobile game app (with paid downloadable content) is also slated for release in the near future for iOS devices, but there’s been no information on when this might be, so far.

Unlike the Project Diva and Miku flick series, in Live Stage Producer (or LSP)is not a rhythm-action game by any means. Rather, the genre here is simulation: you manage a live house in which Hatsune Miku is your joint’s entertainment, and your job is to groom Hatsune Miku into the finest virtual singer the world has ever seen, and profit.

The game measures Hatsune Miku’s performing talents by six statistics: song, cuteness, “variety” (I’m not quite sure what this is, but I believe it’s something like a sense of humour), style, talk, and dance.

As you raise Miku’s stats through lessons selected from a training menu, you’ll eventually be able to enter her in song, style, and talk contests. Do weel in these contests, and you’ll not only earn moola in the form of LSP’s currency but also unlock furniture and interior decoration options for your live house.

You’ll also be able to hold Hatsune Miku performances in your live house to earn even more money. But before you do that, you should try to “produce” the look of your live house first, as it has an effect on the number of customers you bring in and how satisified Miku’s performance leaves them.

Open beta service…?

Downloading and installing the beta service version of Hatsune Miku: Live Stage Producer on your Android device is free. Available from the Google Play store.

However, not all Android devices will be able to run it – it’ll depend on your smartphone or tablet’s specs.

On top of that, as the game is currently in beta service, it may be prone to bugs or performance issues. In fact the purpose of this open beta is to allow Sega to tweak game balanced based on users’ experience and feedback, as well as to check for animation and framerate issues.

Within the app, there is also a “submit feedback” feature that you can use to tell the developers any issues with the game that you might have faced.

Hatsune Miku: Live Stage Producer is not the first idol-producing simulation game to have featured a beta test for one platform, and subsequently launched on another platform.

Namco Bandai’s [email protected] 2 game did something similar: the “beta” version of the game was launched on the Xbox 360 first. Subsequently, a “full” version of the game came out for the PS3, With some new content that X360 users never got.

The difference between Hatsune Miku: Live Stage Producer and [email protected] 2? The former is free-to-play, while both the X360 and PS3 versions of the latter were sold as full price retail titles. /sarcasm

Source: Famitsu


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