This month, three songs from Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Extend are making their way to Diva Arcade. There’s a little bit of wowaka, a little bit of Jimmy Thumb P, and even some Toku to boot. What’s not to like?

All three songs will hit Hatsune Miku: Project Diva Arcade on November 13, a Tuesday.

Here’s a trailer Sega put up today featuring the three November tracks, as well as a brief description of each song’s claim to fame.


Rolling Girl / ローリンガール

Music, lyrics and jacket picture designed by wowaka

Wowaka’s second release after Ura-Omote Lovers, and the song that took him almost to the top of the Vocaloid charts, Rolling Girl finally makes her appearance in the arcade version.

This song earned a reputation for having a PV that projected an incredibly speedy flow to its proceedings – and now it’s here presented in high-end quality! The developers were pretty fussy, in particular, with the lighting in this PV. They also tuned the note patterns quite a bit to evoke a thrilling sense of speed.

The matching module for this song is Kaiten Shoujo, which we detailed in Monday’s post.



Music & Lyrics by Jimmy Thumb P (ジミーサムP)
Illustration by Toyukichi (さゆ吉)

Although Starduster first came into vogue as the ending theme to one of the MikuPa concerts, when it was time to make the PV to this song for Project Diva, the team did it as a pseudo-sequel to from Y to Y.

Try playing from Y to Y and then Starduster on a single credit an, who knows, you might just find your self exploring the arbitrary concepts of love and the cosmos simply by doing so! It feels great to play those songs while whispering “Love is…” (愛を~) deep down in your heart!

The matching module for Starduster is White Eve, designed by Sayukichi who also did the jacket illustration.


SPiCa -39’s Giving Day Edition-

Music by Toku (とく)
Lyrics by kentax vs Toku (とく)
Illustration by refeia

The song that appeared in the 9 March 2010 Miku no Hi Kanshiesai concert as the last song in the setlist (prior to the encore), finally makes it to the arcade version! The developers have tried to replicate the concert experience here through something they call “live motion”. Another thing to look forward to in the PV for this song is when the SPiCa cannon fires a blast.

The recommended module for this song is Orbit, which was also designed by the same guy who did the cover illustration, refeia. 


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