Two of the six new tracks in Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F on the PlayStation 3 are Tell Your World by livetune/kz, and Sweet Devil from Hachiouji-P (八王子P), this week’s Famitsu magazine will reveal on Thursday.

The Famitsu feature story on Project Diva F this week also contains some information on the new modules that will be added in the PS3 version. Most of these appear as silhouettes in the magazine, except for two: “Linkage” (リンケージ) and “Honeywhip” (ハニーウィップ).


As usual, we’ll update this story later once more concrete information and possibly images of the Famitsu story, can be found on the Net.


Update: Now with images of the Famitsu story. From them we know that Linkage (design: redjuice) is the accompanying module for Tell Your World, while Honeywhip goes with Sweet Devil.

In the meantime, take another listen to Tell Your World and Sweet Devil, admire the creative visuals video director wakamuraP came up with for both songs (do note, however, that the Tell Your World PV is credited under three people: wakamuraP x fantasista utamaro x TAKCOM), and fantasize about Sega’s new PVs for these songs after they’ve gone through the Project Diva treatment.



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