Previously, to celebrate the release of Zone of the Enders HD Collection in Japan on October 25, Konami erected a life-size Jehuty bust on the roof of the Shimura Masen building in Akihabara, as part of a marketing campaign they called “Zone of the Enders Reboot Project”

Not the most snappiest of names, but being able to go upclose to a life-size Jehuty bust sounds pretty friggin’ awesome. There was just one snag to the marketing campaign: it would last only till November 4, after which the display would be removed from Akihabara.

Fortunately, it would appear that Konami and Kojima Productions realised how short-sighted they had been on the Reboot Project. Today they announced that the Reboot Project was back, and this time to be held way longer, at another location: the futuristic bayside town of Odaiba.

From today until the end of January, you’ll be able to check out the Jehuty life-size bust if you swing by the Odaiba branch of video games arcade chain Leisureland, located on the fifth level of Odaiba’s Palette Town shopping mall (no relation to the Pokemon locale of the same name).

Apart from visiting Jehuty, you can also try out Zone of the Enders HD Collection on a demo kiosk, and watch recordings of past ZOE HD promotional events.

You’ll have until late January to do that. After which Jehuty will be going back to taking odd-jobs, like doing kids parties in 1080p.

Source: ZOE HD


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