A couple of weeks back we reported that veteran anisong artiste and voice actress Nana Mizuki would be providing the opening theme to Sega’s forthcoming PSP JRPG Shining Ark.

Today we get to hear a brief snippet of that, courtesy of the following video Sega streamed on the Web today, entitled Shining Ark opening movie (A ver.)

I guess this means we’ll ultimately see more than one version of the opening movie in the final game?

Outside of performing the theme song (entitled Kiseki no Melodia / 奇跡のメロディア which translates to The Melodia of Miracles), Nana Mizuki will also have a voice role in the game, although Sega has yet to reveal which character she will voice. We’ve got absolutely no idea why they’re being so tight-lipped about Nana Mizuki’s role in Shining Ark, but we’re guessing that this character is probably one who hasn’t been officially revealed yet.

Shining Ark will be released in Japan Winter 2012/2013. UMD and downloadable versions of the game are priced at 6,279 and 5,600 yen respectively.

Gamers who pre-order the title in Japan will receive a bonus “Angel Fan Disc” (天使のファンディスク) that includes a 45-minute long audio drama that covers story events outside of the main game, a “guest character” DLC product code, a soundtrack collection featuring the works of , an assortment of character songs, a character profile booklet, a “Shining Ark” Victory Spark trading card, and other digital contents (voice samples/ringtones, wallpaper, icons, etc).



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